How is this possible? Can you really be strong and weak at the same time? Yes my fellow bloggers, friends, family and social networks; there is humanity! We all go through life experiencing ups and downs, sorrows, defects, successes, etc…

13 chaos

I have come realize as well, we can be strong when faced with challenges and weak when we are faced in love. This is me; I can’t express enough about this being in love. It is the root of all.

“Relationship is like a ship that sails on the sea of trust. When trust becomes disturbed the turbulence can
sink our ship”

Think about it; we were all created by love, in one form or another. And for better or worse, love is the center of the universe. You are strong when you are in love, love for yourself, love of your new first business, love of a new friends and I could go on. You feel strong when you have accomplished a great project and people love the work you have done, therefore, you receive love. You acknowledge someone else’s journey, whatever that maybe, and you love them for letting them discover who they are. You social network in hopes that someone will take notice in your interesting read and love them for following. So far, you are strong in all these situations.

The internet shows us so many ways to find love in a large growing world of information overload that upgrading is the first word we speak. On the other hand, when you fail a task you had so diligently worked on, you feel weak for not succeeding. When someone rejects your calls, emails, letters, thoughts, you feel weak because you fear lost
of love.

When you get fewer responses from your daily writings, or hits from your new website, you feel weak because no one paid attention. When you finally adapt to a situation, comfortable and able to function in your life because you were so
overwhelmed by a loss, or death, or depression and yet still borderline weak because you can’t face the reality yet. And so you are weak in all these situations. Big Deal!

I know this all seems a bit crazy, but it makes sense. Strong and weak go together; humanity is a funny thing and we are all human. I never give advice, I am not an expert. I write what I have lived through; some days are better than others, as I am sure for most people.

So for today: I feel strong that I have written a great book, but I feel weak that I had to edit because it had flaws. So be it, done it, working on it and will continue to ride the wave of humanity.

Find your moment,

The Author

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