Emptiness, Where did it all go

Have you ever had those days were there are no thoughts, no fears, no nothings in your head? That was me yesterday. I think after a really big tragedy at some point and time your mind just begins to take a break. I have been so overwhelmed with thoughts of hurt, disappointment and sorrow for the past year, that every once in a while I just become “Blank”. I suppose that would be a good thing; we are always trying to distract ourselves when the hurt gets so bad, that when some of those feelings seem to fade just a bit, your brain decides it needs a rest.

13 chaos

Although, I did have one thing on my mind yesterday, for the longest time I have always had this “sick sense” you might say, and yesterday it was a huge feeling that something was wrong with some people I love very much. As it turns out or so I think, everything is fine. for now,

But sometimes I can’t help but wonder: Is my sick sense working on overload too?

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