1-The Leading Lady
2-What is passion?
3-REJECTION: Reality or Vitality?
4-Saying what you mean
6-For Better or Worse
8-Emptiness: Where did it all go?
9-Why we do the things we do: Logic or Not?
10-My Poem
11-What is all the screaming about?
12-Light at the End

14-Revelations: Is there hope?
19-Break ups or Despair?
20-Friday the 13th
21-Only Time
22-Angels of Hope
23-Determination vs. Road Blocks
24-Unconditional Love
25-How much time do we really have?

26-Drunk in Love
27-Pay it Forward
28-Judgement: Do we really know?
29-Where did all the memories go?
30-Acceptance vs. Change: Is it really important?
31-Determination or Struggle: Which would you
32-Victory or Defeat?
33-Deleting or Ignoring: Which is better
34-Showing Gratitude
35-Have you found what you are looking for?
36-Letting Go 101
37-Can’t Stop Loving My God

38-Where did all the love go? It was all a lie
39-Do you really want to be rescued?
40-I’m tired of crying
41-What is all the blog about?
42-Something hit me last night
43-Focus on You
44-Optimistic or Pessimistic?
45-Why we forget the little things
46-Discover who you are
47-Hope or Destruction?
48-Looking through the eyes of a child
49-Be not afraid of yesterday, today or tomorrow
50-My mystery behind my beliefs

51-Tolerating or Communicating?
52-Love: Fails or Dies?
53-Do we exist for ourselves or for others?
54-Growing without knowing
55-He knew and he did it anyways
56-His Deception was my savior
57-The Last Love
58-Was it all for nothing?
59-Expectations: How high are yours?
60-Doubts: Why do we have them?
61-Who are we really?
62-Life and relationship alterations
63-Discovery: Are your blinds closed or opened?

64-Living for me
66-You are unique
67-Being stuck or making changes
68-Games People Play
69-What I have discovered