a long time ago …

“she could no longer breath, feel or understand”

and so the story goes …

relationships are never easy. we meet people and think because there is chemistry, it must be the one person you will spend the rest of your life with or better yet believe that it is meant to be. i can say with experience, this is false.

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look at this picture …

can you tell just by looking at her how she is feeling?

a face can represent a thousand interpretations and we can never know for sure. this is why it is so important to understand our mental health, be in the moment and never judge others.

how long do you think it takes to move on from any tragedy?

you can’t put a time frame on this kind of emotion. everyone has their own way of coping, adjusting and dealing with whatever heart break they experience.

whether is a loss by death, break up, disappearance or force, the outcome is different for every human being on this planet.

let’s look inside

this journal entry is very personal and must be read with an open mind and an understanding that i am still living after all that i experienced.

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